Jerry Weissman: Presenting to Win

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The Big Idea

Thousands or even millions of presentations are given by business executives and entrepreneurs to attract investors, creditors and clients. If you are one of those people who need to get their ideas across to an audience, you must remember that every presentation you make is mission-critical.

This book shows you how to turn dry presentations into fascinating narratives that will captivate your target market. Learn how to focus your presentations to what matters most to the audience. Find out how to get your message across to get that much needed reaction and investment.

Part 1 – You and Your Audience

The Problem with Presentations
Millions of presentations are made worldwide each day. Unfortunately, only a handful of these presentations will get their points across. Most of the presentations fail because they commit the 5 Cardinal Sins:

  1. No clear point.
  2. No audience benefit.
  3. No clear flow.
  4. Too detailed.
  5. Too long.

Most of the people in business are quite busy. To be successful in telling your story and getting your point across, you must be concise. You must learn how to be straight to the point. Remember, you should only give the audience what they need to know.

Persuasion: Getting from Point A to Point B

All presentations have one thing in common. It is to get the audience from Point A to Point B. Point A is where the audience is at the start of the presentation (uninformative, dubious and resistant); and Point B is where you want them to be. To reach Point B, you need to persuade the audience to understand, believe and act in a certain way.

Audience Advocacy

To effectively communicate your goal to the audience and succeed in persuading them to move to Point B, follow these two simple rules: . . . . . .

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